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Our locally sourced, sustainable and renewable firewood is available from the yard throughout the year.

Firewood can be purchased by the scoop or cubic metre and loaded into your trailer. Don't have a trailer? No problem! You can borrow one of ours or have your firewood delivered to your front door (not literally, of course:)

Image by Josh Clemence
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Dry Stored Pine

Scoop :  $42

Per M3 : $126

Image by Kristijan Arsov


Scoop : $45

Per M3 : $135

Image by Ilya Orehov


Scoop : $45

Per M3 : $135

Please note prices are subject to change and availability

Image by Andreas Pajuvirta
Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Our Firewood

Our locally sourced trees are cut down on-site minimising the carbon footprint on the environment.

Wood fires are especially good for the environment because they provide us with a clean and renewable energy source.

Our renewable sources are not always able to keep up with demand, particularly the hardwoods which take longer to grow - so get in early for premium firewood supply!

Keep warm this winter and do better by the environment by buying local.

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